Thursday, 6 May 2010


This morning (woo a day before deadline) I finally got the Walker rig sent to me by Tom. I started animating with him straight away although I did have a few issues to begin with.

here is the rig:

The main problem I had was when I tried to move Walker his jaw became all deformed and did not move with the rest of his body. I moved the pirate ship to underneath him rather than moving him to the boat because I thought this would be easier, but the problem still persisted even when merely rotating the body as you can see here:

I parented the two jaw handles to the body handle of Walker so that when it moves the jaw moves with it. I parented it to this one rather than the base handle because Walker does not move anywhere in my scene and obviously he will be moving/rotating more from his hips. This seemed to work, even though there were some wierd movements when I was animating that I had to move the head and jaw to correct and make sure it did not come out all skewed.

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