Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Heat is On!

I just received this email from Mike Smith, Head of Animation on my course:

'Hi All 1st and 2nd year animators,
On Friday 21st of May all of you will be handing your final projects. Your
hand in deadline is 4pm. After this date you have finished all your studies
for this academic year and will be starting your holiday! You will not be
expected to come into college again until the new academic year starts on
Monday October 25th.
As we all realize this is a very long summer holiday for you lasting a
staggering 5 months! It is crucial you properly use this time to continue to
improve and develop your practice and identify your specialism. Jared and I
will be talking to you all in the lecture theatre so that we all know about
the support and guidance we have made available to all of you during the
Please make sure you all attend this meeting *in the lecture theatre at 4pm
on Friday 21st.*
An end of year drink will then be suggested - possibly at "The Kings Head "
in Chiselhurst![?]
See you all then,

This means that my project deadline is a week earlier than I anticipated and I really must work hard this week to make sure it is completed on time.
I am going to focus this week on finishing my animations and collating all of my work so that I can compile the DVD together in one sitting next week. This means my focus for the next couple of days is my Mr Bean walk cycle and Usual Suspects lip sync, and I will use the weekend to convert my other files and hopefully do some more drawings for the DVD.

I aim to have the Mr Bean scene blocked out by the end of tonight ready to add tweaks and improvements to tomorrow, and then move on to the Usual Suspects for facial expressions.
I am not going to try and improve any of my previous work because time is short and I also think it is not necessary for this project.

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