Monday, 17 May 2010

Reflections: Week Seven

This week has been taken by my showreel portfolio. I am quite pleased with my progress as I have managed to decide on a theme throughout the menu screens as well as finishing one of my animations and being close to finishing the other.

  • Finished the Usual Suspects lip sync animation
  • Researched DVD menu screens
  • Experimented and managed to create a style of my own for the DVD
  • Decided on a layout - Main menu, 2d and 3d animation, galleries and contacts
  • Nearly finished the Mr Bean walk
  • Converted the video files I have to MPEG-2 ready for the DVD
  • Found some more drawings for my Galleries


  • I haven't got a lot of time left to put the DVD together and it will be in one session
  • I am having trouble getting Encore so may have to rush it at uni

Aims for the week:

Well this is the last week coming, I still have some of my other University projects to complete so I will be happy if I manage to get all of my existing work onto the DVD. I will get all of the files ready before I start so that I can literally just place them and hopefully complete it quicker. My aim for today is to finish the Mr Bean walk cycle, and if I cannot get Encore then I will add lights to the menu backgrounds using After Effects.

Otherwise I just hope I have done enough this term for my Pirates team as well as my own work to get a decent grade. :)

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