Friday, 21 May 2010

DVD Menus

The next stage in the development of my DVD was to create the different menu screens. I realise that I already had the menu background images, but I wanted to use my previous research to enhance my dvd, so I created a little bit of movement on the one by using Trapcode Particular in After Effects.

I have used a little bit of After Affects before, and only used it very basically here as I did not want to distract too much from the already busy background and also the moving images for the button links.

I am really pleased that I did this because it does add to the pages, makes them a little more creative and saves from having a boring static background. It also shows a mixture of skills that have gone into making the DVD. For the menus alone, I utilises Maya for the 3D lettering and grid, Photoshop to crop the images, After Effects to add the light effects across the grids, Premiere to convert the After Effects files to MPEG-2s and also change the size of the image so that it was fit to Broadcast, and finally DVD Studio Pro to put the DVD together.

The only thing I wish I had done is try out different styles to see which one I prefer, as I am still finding out my own artisitic style. I am pleased with the design of my DVD, I hope it is a little different to everyone elses and does look more professional with the added effects.

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