Monday, 10 May 2010

Reflections: Week Six (?)

Last week as been my hardest working by far this term, and I am pleased to say that within the space of a week I started and completed all six of my scenes for the Pirates of the Produce Aisle film.

I am most pleased with scene 55, with the Guard fighting Breadbeard. This is the shot that I took the most time over (other than the lightning because I had so many versions) and was also the hardest to animate because of having two characters and also the level of interaction that they have.

The most difficult thing about the scene was the sword and the claw hitting each other because the rigs were designed that when ever I moved the body the arms and therefore the objects also moved with it. This became a problem when I had sorted the two hitting each other and then needed to add more weight or dynamism to the characters, as I had to redo all of the arm movements or alter them to connect again. I do think it was woth while though, and I especially like the movement at the end when the Guard flicks the sword out of Breadbeard's hand because it is quite smooth and I like how Breadbeard holds his hand longingly in the air.

Positives for the week:
  • Pirates shots are FINISHED!
  • I learned alot about the graph editor and how the smallest change on it can make a big difference to the animation
  • I have also learned alot about rigs and what not to do
  • Blend shape animating
  • Found more drawings for my DVD


  • I haven't really touched my showreel work so I need to concentrate on it this week

Aims for the next week:

As I say above the DVD showreel is now my priority. I have had the weekend off animating after the Pirates project so will start again on Tuesday or Wednesday. I aim to have the Mr Bean and also the Verbal Clint animations finished by Friday. Furthermore, I wish to use my showreel as a running video on my main menu, so I will try and cut a new one together by the weekend using After Effects.

For tonight, I am going to look into my drawings and converting my videos to MPEG-2s.

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