Friday, 21 May 2010

DVD Packaging

When it came to the DVD packaging, I wanted to use my own work a bit like when they have still images of a film on the back of a movie case. I therefore print screen copied images from my Showreel to decorate the case.

I want my DVD to be personal to my wokr, so as well as the screen grabs I wanted to use my signature as my logo or trademark, as it is what I use to sign all of my drawings.

The image below shows my final cover design, I kept the theme of the Maya grid from my DVD and added my work images to it. I wanted the background to be dark as I thought this would be quite striking and maybe stand out from coloured cases. The black also highlights the blue and yellow lines as well as emphasising the colour from the screen grabs, so the work jumos out from the case.
This would be good if I sent the case to employers as it gives them an idea of what my work entails even before they open the case. It is evident that I am an Animator and the sort of packages that I use.

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