Friday, 21 May 2010

Final Stages

Well finally... after months of work... here are the final stages of my Industry Exercise 3 project.

The first stage was creating my final DVD that works on a DVD player. I used a Mac and DVD Studio Pro to create the DVD, which was a first for me as I am a PC user. The pictures above show my notes that I took in lesson, but I found that when it came to using the program that I didn't really need them and only skimmed through for a couple of points.

Above: proof of using the Mac :)
I did have a few problems using the program because I am not used to the buttons and commands of a Mac and kept using my PC shortcuts. I also spent ages trying to open the DVD drive without avail until I was told that there is a button in the top right hand corner that opens it. There was also problems with the final renders but after 3 attempts it does work.

Here's the final packaging for my showreel. I like that is keeps with the style of the DVD and has quite striking colours. I printed the inserts out at University after trying at home because the colours came out stronger and it looks more professional than my printer at home.

Proof that the DVD works! Woo!

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