Thursday, 6 May 2010

Scenes 17 and 18

Sooo.... here are my results after playing around with Tom's lightning strikes.

I think they look far better than my original movements and it actually looks like he has been hit by lightning now.

He also has two/three key poses similar to Mace Windu from my research but still shakes throughout which I am pleased about.

I have not touched the facial expressions for these scenes as I think Tom did a good job with them and I wouldn't really know how to add to them, but I am pleased with the overall movements.

The camera angle for the last scene is debateable because the height of the plinth and the size of the Guard and also his position are different to the animatic. I am also sceptical because the claw is coming from his left hand in comparison to the right in the animatic, and I feel that some of the other group members may put it in his right. This is also true for later in the film when my Guard is fighting Breadbeard they are both left handed and this may cause continuity issues. Lewis the team leader says it does not really matter but we will see how important it is from the finished result.

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