Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Scene 53

Here is pretty much my final shot of Breadbeard unsheathing his sword.

As he did not have a belt for his sword to rest in I decided to start the scene with the sword already out and just create the motion of him moving it infront of his body. This was also advantageous as the sword is quite large and getting it around his body would have been harder if it was right next to his side, as I did have to move his other arm out of the way and bend his wrist effectively to make the sowrd miss his stomach.

I am quite pleased with this scene, I think it works well and I like the way the wrist turns around in the centre to make the sword be held properly and ready to attack. I also like his facial expressions looking pleased at the Sword and then changing to menacing as he looks back at the Guard. This may be the only think I accentuate is the mouth opening a little more, and also maybe playing with the weight around his chest, maybe making him stick his chest out in more of a powerful and proud pose, although this will be additional to me completing the rest of my scenes.

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