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As I cannot really research much for the BA films at the moment I am going to look into what is needed for a good character animation showreel, as this is what I want to be when I finish my degree.

I found this online forum at
which I think is quite interesting. I have made the font bold of the bits I want to include or that are helpful.

04-05-2007, 01:12 AM
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What should be in a 3D Character Animator's Showreel?
Dear Friends,I just want to get an information about what should be in a 3D Character Animator's show reel in order to get a job in a good studio.please advice,Thank you

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04-05-2007, 04:45 PM
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cover the basic principles of animation...

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06-05-2007, 07:18 AM
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Hello Paddy,What you need to showcase in a character animation showreel is a hardcore understanding of the basics of animation (As Mukks rightly mentioned) included in an equal share of acting plus action assignments. Remember, its the animation that counts so rendering isnt that important.Finally, You always compile the BEST of the BEST work that you have. NEVER all the work that you have done. This is due to the fact that studios receive thousands of reels to review...and they pick only the ones that have an edge over the others. All the best to ya then!Cheers!moush
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13-06-2007, 04:04 PM
Limp Bizkit
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Paddy Ji.. If it is a freshers showreel you can prepare the reel in following way.Have a couple of attitude run/walk cycles, some basic animation excercises like character ball bounce, character lifting up a heavy weight etc. Then you can put the character in a particular situation and animate him eg. A man sitting in someone's office and breaks something on the table and is trying to hide his act n embarresment. Then in the end have a couple of dialogues with acting and facials. This covers up the complete thing required from an animator. Just my views...

Limp Bizkit
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05-12-2007, 04:27 PM
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well.....I totally agree with wot my frnds said should follow principles of animation ......well i wanna add something more....if am wrong....Gustaki maaf !!! .....put some bindaas walk happy,sad, angry ..dat sort......and even try 2 put a same walk cycle(like happy, sad...etc) in 2 different characters...and feel the difference......make some funky morphing with emotions...I personally feel good morphing adds more weight in showreel....may also try some matrix style fights(STAGING should be good)...main thing is LENGHTY showreel at all.....stretch it to maximum 2 mins...make it interesting...and clips arrangent order should be like.....BEST---INTERMEDIATE---BEST.....and hopefully dat's all as from my limited brain is concerned....

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24-06-2008, 05:35 PM
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If your showreel just has walk cycles, run or jump cycles, then you wont make far. Don't do what others do, do something unique! Yes you will have to cover the basic principles of animation, but also you will have to do that in a way such that the walk cycle dosent seem like a walk cycle, i mean make it look natural enough. Also, along with a human or biped figure, try to show a quadrupade like a wolf or something...Don't think of stretching the reel to 2 mins... think 30secs!You will be judged within the first 30 secs only! Whenever you go for a job try to use some job specific reels, don't put a modelling or rigging clip for a animator's job. Also remember, you will only have first 5 to 6 secs to actually grab attention, dont think they will watch your entire reel, and dont put the best or climax scenes in the end. most of the time employers will just watch the starting and then reject it if its not interesting enough!

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