Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Ive have just returned from Ravensbourne after hearing the explanation for our project brief and presentations from BA students and the Rave Live team about what we can do to fulfil it.

I liked a couple of the BA film ideas and put my name down for the Whak'd and Pirates of the Product Aisle films. I would like to work on either of these because I think I would be able to use character animation and especially in Pirates I want to add lip sync. I am quite good at lip syncing yet have not have the capabilities to use it to any great strength in my projects this year, so to do so would be great for my own personal goals and it will also form part of what I want to include on my Showreel DVD.

Futhermore, I want to be an animator in my career after Ravensbourne and would really like to animate without having all the worries of modelling and texturing etc etc. I think this would make my animation better as I would have longer to fine tune the character believable performance. I also want to experiment more with facial controls and adding emotion to my characters, which I will be able to do with the more complex rigs that have been created by the BA students as opposed to Moom for example.

I do not mind which film I work on as both look fun, that I could improve my skills on them, and also they are both backed by friendly teams I can imagine working with.

On the other hand, I do have the option to create a thirty second short film to be shown at Rave Live. I will use this option if one of the BA groups does not pick me. I decided not to create one of the idents for Rave Live because I want to create and focus on my character animation and I do not feel I could do so effectively using the ident ideas for the logo. I also think I would become uninspired quite quickly and wish to enjoy the last project of the year. The deadline of the end of April also concerns me and I would prefer to take up the whole term so that I can finely tweak the animation I create.

For now, I must wait to see if one of the BA groups choose me and will hopefully find out by the end of the week. Furthermore, I will think of ideas for the short film as a backup and also begin to practice my lip sync to fill in one of the gaps of my showreel and strengthen my case for a place on a BA team.

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