Thursday, 25 March 2010

I'm already Whack'd

I have just received this email and rig from the Whack'd team:

'Hey guys,Just sending a file for you to do some animation with. The two files I've attached are 'maxformaya' rig, and a short storyboard jpeg of the sequence we need you to animate for.In the maxformaya file, create a small arm-chair for the character rig, nothing too amazing just somewhere for him to sit, then animate the following scene:[The character looks towards a window and realises he's being shot at. He then jumps over the arm of the chair, and hides behind it for cover. He peeks up after a few seconds to have a look. More bullets come through the window, causing him to duck back down in fear.]Don't worry about modelling, lighting etc, just focus your effort on the characters performance and animation. You can also position the camera where ever, as long as the animation can be seen clearly. Refer to the storyboard if need be. Can you send a playblast or maya file with your completed animation to this email address by Tuesday 30th March.Any questions, just email us.Thanks a bunch, good luck guys.Sam and Dan.'

Here is the rig, I love the level of facial controls and I'm really excited to start animating with him. I aim to have the work done for Tuesday, as well as a walk cycle if I can. I want to blow their socks off!!
Animating here I come... :)

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