Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pirates contact

I just emailed Lewis who is lead on the Pirates of the Produce Aisle film, hopefully my showreel will impress him so I can work on their film.

'Hi Lewis :)I put my name down to be an animator for your Pirates of the Produce Aislefilm yesterday and wanted to send you a link to one of my blogs. This onecontains my Showreel and some of the projects I have done at Rave so youget an idea of the kind of things I have done.

I really like your project and would be more than happy to help.

I just wanted to ask, if you do get a rig done by friday, what would youwant us to so with it? For example would you want a lip sync test or awalk cycle by next week? Oh and also when will we find out if we can workwith you?

Hope everything is going ok, Hayley'

I have also been looking at their blog at it seems they have an awful lot of work to do, which is great if they choose me as I want to push my character animation work this term and want to do enough animation to fulfil my criteria for my own project.

I am also going to try and contact Tom from the same team and also Sam from the Whak'd group for more information as to what they would like.

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