Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Basic Walk Cycle

After trying to complete the lip sync and the chair scene, I have started trying to create walk cycles. I know I am not that great with them so want to improve them not only for my own showreel but also to impress the BA teams. I tried a basic one above which I am not entirely happy with because I think he moves too fast on 12 frames per step and he needs more follow through with the hands. I am going to try and improve at least the hands and the head wobble tomorrow.

I also started this sneak walk cycle, using tips from yhe Richard William's book 'The Animator's Survival Kit'. I think it is ok, one of the arms is letting him down so I need to try and play with the Graph Editor for a bit longer to get smooth action in the arcs. His head also moves a little too quickly near the end so I will slow this or create less of a movement tomorrow.

I also aim to start (and hopefully complete) a run cycle tomorrow, this is my primary aim for the day, as well as trying different ways the Max rig can jump off of his chair. These will only be rough quick tests to see which the Whack'd group prefer.

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