Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rigs To Play With

While I wait to decide which project I am working on this term, I can work on what I am going to add to my showreel. I have therefore just been on Creative Crash and downloaded a few new character rigs to try out. I will try them out and start animating with them by the end of the week (more than likely tomorrow)
I think these two characters will probably be the best for facial animation and trying out walk cycles, as the ones from my first year look awful to me now and I really want to improve them dramatically. I think the rig we had didnt help and it had a lot of limitations, so hopefully these will be easier to work with.

I am also going to use the old faithful of Moom as he is very expression driven and I want to use him for my Verbal Clint character from the Usual Suspects. I think the eccentricity of the rig will suit the character and I know I can get dynamic facial expressions from him.

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