Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Reflections: Week One

Ok so the first week or so since we started the project has gone and I already feel deep into the animation process.
I am happy as I have managed to create quite a good lipsync using Max for the Pirates team, and also fulfilled the scene where he is shot at for the Whack'd one. I wanted to apply for both teams as they both have exciting projects and I hope this way at least one of them will pick me.

I am a little annoyed as I have been quite sick the last few days and this has stopped me showing my full potential and I am still working on walk cycles for Max. I want to create a normal kind of posing walk and also try and run and maybe have him run into something.

Even if I do not get chosen (which I pray I do), these will at least show some different skills for me and I feel I could at least add my lip sync to my showreel already. I do think the Whack'd scene needs some more work, but I do like when he is breathing when he realises he is being shot at as it has quite smooth animation and seems to flow quite well.

The Whack'd scene playblast

My PickPocket lipsync

Reflections for the last week:


  • Started character animation using Lip sync and emotion
  • Feel I have more to add to my showreel already :)
  • Managed to get the Max rig to move around quite a lot, especially walking away whilst crouched
  • Managed to get some smooth transitions when he is breathing, and it looks good with his facial expressions


  • I haven't done as much as I wanted to get done (stupid illness)
  • I'm not quite sure whether to start researching for a 30s project yet as I do not know if I am wanted
  • I haven't completed a lip sync I started using the Usual Suspects and Moom, however I am going to give myself the term to make it look really good as I want him to show a lot of emotion in the scene
  • Walk cycles are still in progress

Aims for the end of the week:

  1. Start researching what to put into a showreel and make sure I hit those markers this term
  2. Walk cycles!
  3. Hopefully find out if I am working with a BA film and start work on that, if not join a 30s group and start researching for ideas

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