Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Reflections: Week Three

I am now into my fourth week of the term, and I cannot wait to get started properly on the Pirates film. I have enjoyed playing with the Patches rig, but think I personally animate better when I have something to work towards, so it will be better when I have a purpose for my scenes.

Otherwise, I realise I did not do much work at all last week due to being at the Mill and running, but I am now fully focused on my University work. I am quite pleased that I achieved my goal to choose areas to work on and I am going to start to do so this week, especially with the character animation pieces and the Mr Bean walk cycle as i think this will add humour and personality to my showreel.

I did receive an email from the Whack'd team saying they may not use me to animate unless they are struggling at the end of the project, which in a way is good for my schedule so I can concentrate on the Pirates project and my own work rather than trying to rush everything.

Positives for the week:
  • Running at the Mill I got to see some Maya cloth work, which I may try and use in my own showreel to show I am able to use it
  • I know a walk cycle I wish to re-create by the end of the term, and I will focus on this one for now and try and get it to a high standard before continuing with the other sneak and run I started
  • I also have a clear aim in working for the Pirates team


  • I didn't actually do much animation last week
  • I am still waiting to see which shots I am going to work on for Pirates and also if the rigs I need will be ready for me to use

Aims for the week ahead:

  1. Start the Mr Bean Walk cycle, even if just blocking out
  2. Continue with the Usual Suspects lip sync
  3. Find out which shots I am doing for Pirates (hopefully will be Wednesday)
  4. Start animating these scenes!
  5. Begin drawing some more, I want to add some images to my disc if I can of my drawings. This will include concepts from my environment porject as well as character and fan sketches.

I have a busy week a head of me, but I feel if I get the main starting blocks done this week then I can just keep improving my work over and over to get it to an impressive standard by the end of term.

Side note: I have not placed a schedule on here yet as I am going to wait until the Pirates meeting to see when they are setting deadlines for. After this I will create my own to incorporate their project as well as the side ones I have listed so that I have clear time set aside for them all.

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