Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lip Sync Test: Usual Suspects

So this is what I have been working on today, using a scene from the Usual Suspects, I have lip synced the Kevin Spacey character of Verbal Kint. I used this scene as he is quite emotional and I could use a lot of exaggeration on his mouth movements. Having finished the lip sync, I am going to move onto animating his eyes to give him suitable expressions of being quite upset. Finally I will use his body language to make him hunched and similar to how he is in the film.

Another aim for the week was to start drawing, and here is my first one of Lara Croft :) I know I have messed up the guns somewhat, but I like her facial expression and that her head is tilted to one side. I am unsure what to draw next and think I will look into more full body poses so that I can show the whole of the human anatomy. I may also do some very quick sketches to show a range of timescales.

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