Monday, 12 April 2010


This week I have been looking into some of my old abandoned projects to see what I can update for my Showreel DVD.

One of the projects I started last year was a scene from Cast Away, where Chuck is rubbing sticks together to try and create fire. I abandoned it at the time because it did not have enough speech in the scene to create enough lip sync, but now I would like to return to it to create some exaggerated expressions. Here are a couple of the key poses I started, and it will be good to show a change from annoyed to happy in both his facial expressions and body demeanour.
Last year we had a storyboarding project and my group created the opening from the Magic Faraway Tree. Although the project left a lot to be desired, we did create some good characters for it and I would like to improve my character modelling by making a couple of them 3D in Maya. Here is the start to MoonFace. I know he has simple shapes, but I want to bring him to life with my texturing.

Finally, I have been trying different effects such as this water coming from the shower, yet I have had some problems making it hit the surface of the bath and not going through. Ideally I want to add Moom or Max for Maya to this and have the water bounce off of them as I feel this would be great for my showreel and show effects as well as character interaction with their environment.

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