Thursday, 1 April 2010

Muybridge Reference

Searching for jumping or types of jump online did not give me much feedback, so I have started to look into the old Muybridge photos for reference. These show different types of jump that I could implement into my work. The first is good because it is a standing jump which my character will have from the chair rather than a run up. I do think he becomes a little too outstretched for my liking and this may look odd in a quick movement off the chair. I do like the way he lands crouched down as you can feel the full weight of the jump.

The second image shows a running jump. This is similar to my google images in that the legs are tucked up and the arms counterbalance the action. I think this is definitely one I am going to try and reference from as I like the strong pose in the middle, although the landing is a little bit boring so I will add more exaggeration to this.

The final image is a little bit different and I have chosen it because the power in the jump comes from the arms pushing down on the body rather than the legs leaping into the air. Evidently the arm of the chair will not be as high as this person and the character will not get the run up either, but the position of the character leaning forward in the jump almost looking down and also the arms being lower are an interesting proposition compared to the other 'normal' jumps. The only problem for me is that the rig would probably have to have his legs very high and this may cause him to look somewhat like a gymnast which probably isn't what the team are looking for. But hey, it is an alternative I will try.

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