Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pirates Scenes

Today I finally found out which scenes I will be animating for the Pirates of the Produce Aisle team. I originally only had three scenes, so asked my fellow team member Marliuz for a couple of hers as she had around eight scenes in comparison.

Screenshot of the shot list:

I have also had access for the first time to some of the models the team have made that were on the Public folders. I am pleased to see the ship and the other characters apart from Patches in particular because I will be using them in my scenes. The characters I will be using are Walker, Breadbeard and The Guard. Here I have been experimenting with the Pirate ship and Walker, even though he is not rigged in this case and I will have to wait a little longer to be able to animate him.

Ship close up, (Walker will be firing a melon from the cannon in my scene)

When I imported Walker into the ship scene he was extremely out of proportion to the shio, so I had to scale him down. I must warn the team to make sure they realise this so he can be scaled easily when rigged and ready to animate, as it may cause problems further down the line.

Here is the animatic for the three shots I was initially given, as well as this I will be animating scenes 17 and 18 where the Guard is struck by lightening.

For now, I will have to wait until the rest of the characters are finished, and start blocking out the animation as soon as I receive them. If I am emailed the Guard by tomorrow I will hopefully have him blocked out by the end of the weekend , and have at least finished his lip sync for the final scene. I aim to have a rough animation by the end of the week, ready to improve the week after. Hopefully this will be acceptable for the Pirates team.

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