Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Patches 02

My aim for today was to experiement a little more with the Patches rig and how he would walk. I have tried to make the walk more bouncy and here are the results. The first walk is bouncy by making the passing position quite high, but it is still quite slow as there is 12 frames per step. I tried to make the second one faster by making it 7 frames per step, although this is too fast for my liking and it looks all over the place.

Finally, this one is just for a bit of fun, but i made Patches hop rather than step. I quite like this one in that his movement seems more together and his arms flop nicely by his side, but as a walk cycle it isn't very convincing. I am going to try and do some lip sync with him next, but I will wait until the meeting tomorrow to see which characters I should focus on.

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